The Beat Farmers - The Pursuit Of Happiness (1987 - great us rock/rock\'n\'roll - Wave) MP3/Flac

[b]"Pursuit of Happiness" was the first studio album done after Buddy Blue left the Beat Farmers. Joey Harris brought his entire musical toolbox to the band but he was far from unknown. Having played in the San Diego scene for many years, he had been part of Country Dick Montana's side projects (like the Snuggle Bunnies) so he was ready to fit right in.[/b]
[b]To me, this is one of the BFers best albums, if not the best. It has a little bit more commercial sound but that was needed if the band ever stood a chance to gain more fans and move forward. The twin guitar sounds of Jerry Raney and Joey Harris play well together and off of each other. Rollie Love supplied a great rhythm section along with the band spark plug and drummer, Country Dick Montana.[/b]
[b]As for the songs here, "Hollywood Hills" is a great song and the video is posted on youtube. Jerry Raney's guitar is classic. Joey Harris' vocals shine on "Ridin'", Make It Last" (which was almost a country radio hit!), and "Texas". Jerry Raney stands out on vocals for "Keys To The World" (always great when mixed with "Deceiver" from Van Go in concert) and "dark Light". The guitar and vocal trade offs in "Big Big Man" cannot be dismissed. Great stuff!![/b]
[b]Dick is "Dick" on "Big River". Even Johnny Cash liked his version. Song for song, this is a great album that deserved a much better fate but thanks to the fine folks at CURB who continue to do what they want with total disregard for artists on their label, the BFers suffered. In fact, it is ashamed that they have never given this album a re-release with bonus tracks and video. Adding the "Home Of Country Dick Montana" would make this disc sell 5000 copies like the Rhino handmade release of the first BFer album. Oh well......[/b]
Track Listings[/b]
[b]01. Hollywood Hills[/b]
[b]02. Ridin'[/b]
[b]03. Dark Light[/b]
[b]04. Make It Last[/b]
[b]05. Key To The World[/b]
[b]06. God Is Here Tonight[/b]
[b]07. Big Big Man[/b]
[b]08. Elephant Day Parade[/b]
[b]09. Rosie[/b]
[b]10. Texas[/b]
[b]11. Big River[/b]