The Twinkle Brothers - The Youthful Warrior MP3/Flac

Twinkle CD, 2004

 1) Skim Of All The Gravy
 2) Get Behind Me Satan
 3) Just One Man
 4) I Won't Surrender
 5) Warrior Attack
 6) Jah Is The Love
 7) The Youthful Warrior
 8) Easy Come Easy Go
 9) Let Us Give Thanks
10) Never Get Me Down
11) This Is My Humble Prayer
12) Humble Prayer Dub
13) I Won't Surrender Dub
14) Skim Off All The Gravy Dub

Bass: Dub Judah, Jerry Lion & Derek Fevrier
Drums: Horseman & Norman Grant
Guitar: Ralston Grant, Jerry Lion & Black Steel
Keyboards: Ralston Grant, Derik Fevrier & Norman Grant
Percussion: Norman Grant

Recorded at: Twinkle Recording Studio
Engineered by: Norman Grant & Derek Demondo Fevrier