The Twinkle Brothers - Chant Down Babylon MP3/Flac

Twinkle CD, 1995

 1) Chant Down Babylon
 2) Take Heed
 3) Invasion
 4) A New World Order
 5) Destruction
 6) Peace & Unity
 7) Pay Me
 8) Everlasting Love
 9) You're The One
10) Don't Blame Them
11) Have Mercy Jah
12) Prayer For The Government

Bass: Norman Grant & Black Steel
Drums: Norman Grant & Earl Facey
Lead Guitar: Black Steel
Rhythm Guitar: Ralston Grant & Black Steel
Keyboards: Ralston Grant, Black Steel, Norman Grant & JD Riley
Tenor Sax: Dean Frazer
Trombone: Nambo
Trumpet: Chico
Percussion: Norman Grant & Mark Wright

Produced by: Norman Grant
Recorded at: Lucid Studio, Lion Studio & Sparks (Oakland, CA)
Mixed by: Mad Professor, Dub Judah & Demondo
Mixed at: Ariwa, Dubtech & Twinkle Recording Studio