The Twinkle Brothers - Underground MP3/Flac

Twinkle LP, 1982

A1) The World Was One
A2) Underground
A3) Set Some Example
A4) Battlefield
A5) Ghetto Life
B1) African Nation Come Together
B2) War Is Not The Answer
B3) Hell Break Loose
B4) Sodom & Gomorrah
B5) It Was A Vision I Had

Vocals: Norman Grant
Backing Vocals: Ralston Grant & Karl Hyatt
Drums: Donovan Black & Norman Grant
Bass: Jah Shaka, Preacher & Derrick Brown
Lead Guitar: Ralston Grant
Rhythm Guitar: Ralston Grant & Michael Dan
Keyboards: Pablo Black & Eric Bernard
Tenor Saxophone: Deadly Headly
Trombone: Vin Gordon
Percussions: Norman Grant & Karl Hyatt
Acoustic Guitar: Lloyd Willacy
Syndrums: Jah Shaka

Produced by: Norman Grant
Mixed by: Mad Professor