The Twinkle Brothers - Burden Bearer MP3/Flac

Twinkle LP, 1983

A1) There Is No Peace
A2) Faith Can Move Mountain
A3) Jah Jah Gonna Get You
A4) Unemployment
A5) Burden Bearer
B1) African Liberation
B2) Let The Music Play
B3) Don't Jump The Fence
B4) The Dallor
B5) Africa Must Be Free

Bass: Flabba, Michael Dan & Tama Earl
Drums: Style, Tama Earl & Norman Grant
Lead Guitar: Michael Dan
Rhythm Guitar: Dwight Pinkney, Michael Dan & Tama Earl
Keyboards: Steelie, Michael Dan & Tama Earl
Horns: Dean Fraser & Tenow Sax
Tenor Sax: Dean Fraser
Trombone: Nambo
Trumpet: David Madden
Percussion: Norman Grant
Congos: Norman Grant
Synthesizer: Michael Dan & Tama Earl

Produced by: Norman Grant
Engineered by: Crucial Bunny
Recorded at: Channel One, Ariwa & Addis Ababa
Mixed by: Michael Dan & Mad Professor
Mixed at: Addis Ababa & Ariwa