The Twinkle Brothers - Final Call MP3/Flac

Twinkle CD, 1997

 1) The African Cry
 2) It's Only Rasta
 3) African People Going Home
 4) The Elements
 5) Is God Justice Or Love?
 6) Final Call
 7) The Final Dub
 8) Serve With Honesty
 9) Devil's Advocate
10) Devil's Advocate Dub
11) Seed And Tools
12) Confession
13) Time Is Running Out
14) Time Is Running Out Dub

Bass: Black Steel, Norman Grant & Dub Judah
Drums: Norman Grant, Earl Facey & Black Steel
Lead Guitar: Black Steel
Rhythm Guitar: Black Steel
Keyboards: Greg Assing, Victor Cross & Norman Grant
Percussion: Norman Grant

Produced by: Norman Grant
Recorded at: Twinkle Studio & Lion Music
Mixed by: Mad Professor & Demondo
Mixed at: Ariwa