The Twinkle Brothers - Respect & Honour MP3/Flac

Twinkle CD, 2000

Record date: 1987

 1) Respect And Honour
 2) Reveal In Revelation
 3) Mob Fury
 4) Me No Care
 5) I Give Blessings
 6) It's Just A Mirage
 7) You Make My Day
 8) Say You Will
 9) For Ever And A Day
10) River Jordan

Vocals: Norman Grant
Drums: Norman Grant & Earl Facey
Guitar: Michael Dan
Keyboards: Michael Dan
Percussion: Norman Grant
Congos: Norman Grant

Produced by: Norman Grant
Engineered & Mixed by: Michael Dan
Recorded at: Addis Ababa & Barington Road
Mixed at: Addis Ababa