Pink Razors - Waiting To Wash Up (2006) MP3/Flac

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01 Disapproval Rating
02 Bigger Boat
03 The New Justin (I Wanna Be)
04 Sew It Seams
05 Comfortably Dumb
06 Sincerity Is So Pretentious
07 Get Out Of The Shower (You're Already Washed Up)
08 Up A Lazy River
09 Spring Fevers
10 Summer Colds
11 Dischord, Datchord
12 Prince Of The Land Of Stench
13 If We Can't Sit At The Table (Then Let's Knock The Fucking Legs Off)
14 Pinch A Penny, Grab A Dollar
15 Self-Pity Begot Self-Importance

The latest from Richmond, Virginia pop-punk re-inventors Pink Razors. Sometimes snotty, sometimes dark, yet always uptempo and immensely catchy songs piled high with memorable melodies and powerhouse rhythms...


Preview: Pink Razors - The New Justin (I Wanna Be):