Reverend Raven - Big Bee MP3/Flac

There's no contrivances on this album. There's no filler. There's nothing to really debate or anything to think hard about. This is the electric blues. Given that Raven isn't trying to change the musical landscape or rivet our minds with mind-blowing ingenuity. This isn't homage nor is it a museum piece. This is straight ahead good, fun music. It is the blues as its meant to be played. Benny Rickun's harmonica is front and center almost through the entirety of the disc. There is some very laced and few and far between solos by the Rev, and when they are taken, they are fine and tasteful. Rickun and drummer Spencer Podash are two up and comers in the Milwaukee Blues scene. Rickun is a protege of Milwaukee harpster Jim Liban, who adds two songs to the proceedings. Raven has always been known to bring a good harpster to his table, and did so with this young tasteful player.
If you've listened to Muddy, Buddy, Slim Harpo, Magic Sam, Otis Rush, or The Wolf; many of these grooves won't be unfamiliar. Raven is just as sharp with his lyrics. Big Bee was one of the highlights of 2007 and is a great introduction for new fans to the sounds of Reverend Raven.