Super 5 Thor - Ford (1995, Echostatic/Space Baby) MP3/Flac

I recall that around the time this disk surfaced, Super 5 Thor were befitted the now ubiquitous "dream pop" tag.   In retrospect, that categorization strikes me as lazy, although this co-ed quartet occasionally treaded into faintly ethereal terrain.  Super 5 Thor wore their influences on their sleeves, ranging from the hushed, breathy tones of Darklands-era Jesus & Mary Chain ("Superstar) to a far more obvious absorption of Galaxie 500 and Luna ("Halloween," "Beautiful Soul" among several others, right down to the squalls of feedback).  The high water mark on Ford arrives in the form of "America's Son," a tranquil breeze of a song providing an apt lullaby for a sublime, hammock slumber on an early spring day.   A second S5T release, Gazelle, followed in 1997 before the band ostensibly called it a day. 

01. Superstar
02. Lonesome
03. Breath
04. Drive
05. Beautiful Soul
06. Blown
07. Dyed Mary
08. America's Son
09. Tired
10. Star
11. Halloween
12. Swan Song