The Deflowers - demo (1991) MP3/Flac

Of all the unturned stones occupying Seattle's '90s landscape, The Deflowers deserved a kinder fate.  The riff-happy punk-pop that spilled over Niagara-style on their 1994 album Shiny New Pony was their finest achievement, and even though the follow-up, Fin paled a bit, I relished every morsel I could unearth of The Deflowers oeuvre.  I was psyched to find this early demo cassette while browsing Ebay last year, featuring four songs that I don't believe migrated to any subsequent Deflowers release.  A little more Crazy Rhythms than say, Flip Your Wig, the hook-ridden building blocks were gradually being locked into place for greater things to come.  You can download Shiny New Pony via the link above, as well as this excellent 45.  Lead flower Chris Martin presently fronts Kinski, and the drummer appearing on this tape, Michael Mallette Malony later went onto Gnome, another Seattle outfit that sparked just as much appeal and curiosity, to me anyway.  

01. New Day Tonight
02. Ten Days
03. Apple
04. Just Chords