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War on the Saints ep (1988, Positive Force)

War on the Saints ep (1988, Positive Force)

Pop New Wave Dance
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Album Info

If I'm not mistaken, Positive Force Records was a label owned and operated by Kevin Seconds (of 7 Seconds).  The Rockford, IL-based War on the Saints partook in something approaching hardcore, though they didn't sound a thing like 7 Seconds, nor did they embody the "posi-core" ethos those Nevada titans made a halfway decent career out of.  Instead, this quartet strike me as not being at war with much of anything at all, and in fact, if any genuine struggle was afoot, it was for these guys to pin down an identity for themselves.  "So Full of Self" is buoyed by a spicy skate metal riff, and goes from there in convincing fashion (relatively speaking), but elsewhere this ep is bogged down in aimless, slow-simmering ennui, that if anything else is tolerable in the brief doses it's dispensed in.  Maybe there's something on War on the Saints that just isn't sinking in with me.  Eye of the beholder I suppose.  Enjoy (or not).

01. So Full of Self
02. Rut Head to Gut
03. Group Think
04. Thought Shine Bright
05. Rainy Day
06. Reason Unknown


The album code is : ODI2161203

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