Working Girls - We\'re the Working Girls (12\'\' Extended Mix) 1984 (South African Pop) 80\'s \"HARD-TO-FIND\" Very RARE! MP3/Flac

electro pop disco 80's
The Working Girls

80's South Africa disco group with an impressive debut song.
They had a few more, but this was their best. I love how they incorporate words like "typewriter" in the song lyrics! You can even hear one typing in the background.

Great cover, too! Very hard to find 12" single, probably due to being hard to search being self titled. The words "working girls" brings up many hits on search engines and it's hard to weed out this record. Even still, it's extremely rare.

"We're the working girls, we're the working girls, uh-huh ...".
 Catchy chorus and the synth melody fits in perfectly right behind it.
Julia Jade Aston, Justine Hertz, Theo Andalis, Chevvy Ryan, Lee Sharri
South African all-girl pop group active in the early eighties.
Produced by: Attie Van Wyk

"VERY VERY RARE French 12'' Maxi!"