Woody Herman - Jazz Hoot 1974 (CBS) MP3/Flac

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Tremendous,MOD jazz!

The band featured so many stars:

Clarinet,Alto Sax: Woody Herman,Gary Klein,Sal Nistico,Andy McGhee,Tom Anastas.

Trumpets: Gerald Lamy, Dusko Goykovich ,Bobby Shew, Don Rader, Bill Chase.

Trombones: Henry Southall, Frank Tesinksy, Donald Doane.

Nat Pierce (piano), Anthony Leonardi (bass), Ronnie Zito (drums).

The psychedelic trumpet interlude on "
Sidewinder " is priceless.The caleidoscopic trumpet sequence in the middle of that piece is more than worth the price of admission, and Woody's vocal, as pedestrian as most of his vocal performances were, makes the piece (and him) all-the-more endearing. And then there is the presence of Charlie Byrd & Dusko Goykovich  ("The Duck" "Boopsie").  The "Jazz Hoot" album was originally a 1974 compilation of left-over material from Herman's Columbia sessions of the late sixties.The original "Jazz Hoot" from the Philips album "Woody Herman 1964" are worth TEN stars!!!

P.s The original "Sidewinder" version Here

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Woody Herman - Sidewinder

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