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Reelin' with the Feelin'

Although Charles Kynard led a date for Pacific Jazz in the early '60s and five albums for Prestige from 1968-1970, he never really became famous. A fine organist in the style of Jimmy Smith, Kynard could always groove and chug along with the best of them. This Prestige date matches Kynard with an interesting cast of players: tenor saxophonist Wilton Felder (of the Jazz Crusaders), guitarist Joe Pass (a few years before he became famous for his Pablo recordings), electric bassist Carol Kaye, and drummer Paul Humphrey. The music is quite groove-oriented and chiefly of interest for the contrasting solos of Kynard, Felder, and Pass.

Wa-Tu-Wa-Zui (Beautiful People)

Kynard is joined by luminaries from Prestige's soul-jazz stable -- Rusty Bryant on tenor sax, Melvin Sparks on guitar, Jimmy Lewis on bass, Virgil Jones on trumpet, and Idris Muhammad and Bernard Purdie on drums -- for a solid album that occasionally catches fire. In particular, the eight-minute title track is not just a highlight of Kynard's discography, but a stellar moment for soul-jazz in general. Sparks sets the pace on that number with superb James Brown-style rapid-strum choke guitar, Lewis lays down a "Get Ready"-style bassline, and everyone really cooks when it comes time to solo, including Kynard; he takes a while to make his presence known, but then unleashes passages with uncharacteristic, unrestrained passion. The ten-minute cover of the Beatles' "Something" does a lot more with the overdone standard than many people have, Kynard again shining with some imaginative and unexpectedly lengthy, exuberant soloing. The album has been paired with a previous 1970 Kynard album, Afro-Disiac, on the single-disc Legends of Acid Jazz.By allmusic

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Charles Kynard - Wa-Tu-Wa-Zui(Beautiful People)

Charles Kynard - Be My Love

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