Phil Seymour – Archive Series 1 [Original recording remastered] (2012) MP3/Flac

Digitally remastered and expanded edition of the 1980 debut album from singer, songwriter and musician, best known for his work with the Dwight Twilley Band. The original album is now joined by 10 bonus tracks on this special release.

Writer James Chrispell calls Phil Seymour, the solo debut from Dwight Twilley‘s bandmate, “a real fine pop masterwork.” “Precious to Me” landed in the Top 25 at the beginning of 1981, and it is a snappy delight. “I Found a Love” follows in that vein, while “Love You So Much” has the pauses that made the work with the Dwight Twilley Band so much fun (this was the first of two titles written by Twilley). The lighthearted music is serious stuff crafted from the bubblegum school, but with an edge and without all the angst Nick Lowe would…

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..inject. “Baby It’s You” isn’t the Shirelles/Beatles song, but rather a driving, jangly statement of immediate love from Seymour. Bobby Fuller’s classic “Let Her Dance,” with electric handclaps, is the perfect ending to side one and a perfect fit. The production team of Richard Podolor and engineer Bill Cooper certainly knows how to craft great records; Steppenwolf and Three Dog Night had many discs frosted with that duo’s magic, and the power pop drives immediately on side two. Twilley’s “Then We Go Up” works and is followed by the equally potent “Don’t Blow Your Life Away,” written by guitarist Bill Pitcock, both essays providing the melody and backbeat that makes this genre so eternally delightful. There’s a cool cover of the Elvis Presley/Roy Orbison plea “Trying to Get to You,” a semi-blues rendition which puts a little detour on this dance card, but has immense charm. Seymour’s own “I Really Love You” flies right out of the park, another one of those classic pop tunes someone should reinvent, while guitarist Pitcock from the Dwight Twilley Band as well as some Twilley solo work, pens “Won’t Finish Here,” which does finish the album in fine style. Phil Seymour from the late Phil Seymour is a classic worth hearing time and again. — AMG

1. Precious to Me (2:51)

2. I Found a Love (3:31)

3. Love You So Much (2:30)

4. Baby It’s You (3:00)

5. Let Her Dance (3:02)

6. Then We Go Up (2:25)

7. Don’t Blow Your Life Away (3:11)

8. We Don’t Get Along (2:46)

9. Trying to Get to You (3:17)

10. I Really Love You (4:01)

11. Won’t Finish Here (2:47)

12. Looking for the Magic (Bonus) (3:01)

13. How About You (Bonus) (3:02)

14. I’ll Be Waiting (Bonus) (3:47)

15. I Found a Love (Early Mix) (3:33)

16. Love You So Much (Early Mix) (2:20)

17. Baby It’s You (Early Mix) (2:59)

18. Then We Go Up (Early Mix) (2:23)

19. Don’t Blow Your Life Away (Early Mix) (2:57)

20. We Don’t Get Along (Early Mix) (2:46)

21. I Really Love You (Early Mix) (4:24)

22. Won’t Finish Here (Early Mix) (2:48)