Barricada – Flechas Cardinales 2012 MP3/Flac

We have in our hands, "Cardinal Arrows" Barricade's new album, the first without the drugs, their leader (shown), composer and lead singer (along with Boni) legendary combo of Navarre. I discussed it particularly unfortunate in this situation when Henry left (or was invited to leave, that is not clear) . I think such a group with such a career, 30 years on stage and would have to take better care of the name, but Alfredo Boni and have decided to go ahead under the cloak of Barricade.Entirely respectable position but with which I disagree, because if anything characterizes Barricade is the voice of Drugs and Boni, the compositions of both guitar and Alfredo.Just be sorely missed in this, moreover, remarkable "Cardinal Arrows", the Drug ... creating you the feeling that only half listening these Barricade disk or in other words how these same songs would have been after the contributions of Henry. If this happens to you and on this record, I imagine that live classical themes of Drugs will be resentful enough without his distinctive voice and charisma.

I must say that the disc itself more guitar incorporates the spirit of the group as expected, direct songs and surprising approaches to hard-rock festival, always clear under the general theme of social protest group (disturbs the beginning of " p'a fumble "or the chorus of the title track, for example). Despite losing the lead vocals, Barricade has decided to continue without significant changes, so Boni is responsible for most subjects, except in 2 "As the winter" and "balance" (where singer collaborates Kutxi Tide and pupil of Barricade) where Alfredo takes over vocals.


01. Pa' Enredarte

02. Punto De Mira

03. Aguardiente

04. Eclipse

05. El Muelle

06. Como El Invierno

07. En Lo Más Pequeño

08. Hasta Diez

09. Imán

10. La Balanza

11. Remiendos

12. Rugir Y Morder

13. Flechas Cardinales

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