A.N.G. - Outta Bounds (1994) MP3/Flac

So I thought I'd post a quick one this time as I have a little time and don't want to keep ya'll waiting for something new for too long. This is the only album by A.N.G., which stands for "Aint No Gains". There is so little info in the CD booklet to determine anything about this artist. It appears A.N.G. was a solo female rapper (she calls herself 'Angie ANG' on some tracks), and from the obscured image in the booklet I can't determine her exact race. It was released on the indie label Wall Street Records, which was based in Detroit (and is still based in Michigan), so I assume that's where A.N.G. is from as well. Given the cover with A.N.G. surrounded by a gang on a dark city street, you'd assume this album was gangsta rap, but not at all. (Likely the obscured and misleading album art didn't help the album's success.) It's totally pop-rap, reminiscent of Monie Love or The Real Roxanne's first album. There is even hip-house and the song "I Got What It Takes" samples the Mary Jane Girls classic "In My House". The tracks "Hello Baby" and "Rufless Hoe" were released as singles, but I think it's safe to say they failed to hit anywhere, except maybe locally. And that's all I have on A.N.G.. If anyone else knows anything, please do let us know. For now, enjoy the album, which I admit I only listened to once before, eons ago when I first bought it from a $1 bin - listening to it again, it is actually much better and a lot more fun than I remember.

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Outta Bounds / That Played Out Trip
Havin A Baby
Life Goes On
Political Trippin Intro
Political Trippin
Outta Bounds / Keep Em Rollin
I Got What It Takes
Outta Bounds / Turn Up Da Bass Base
Jack Jam
Rufless Hoe
Outta Bounds / Do You Lof Me
London Bridge
Hello Baby