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Happy New Year, everyone! Hope you all had an amazing holiday! Sorry for my lack of posts yet again, but it was a very busy month for me. Since I happen to have a few moments free, I thought I'd do a quick post to satiate you all for a bit. ;) No Secrets was a teen girl group formed in 2000 in Los Angeles. Carly Lewis was the step-daughter of British musician Adrian Gurvitz, who helped her realize her dream of pop stardom by recruiting the rest of the girls: Hawaiian cousins Jade Ryusaki and Erin Tanner, and friends Angel Faith and Jessica Fried. The teen pop boom that spawned several other groups featured on the Isle (such as Innosense, Nobody's Angel, Sugar Jones, Boy-N-Girlz United and Velvet Empire) was still in full swing, and they were signed to the label that had the most success with teen pop, Jive. They made their first appearance in the Aaron Carter video "Oh Aaron" in 2001 and also did backing vocals on his album of the same name. Then they released their version of Kim Wilde's 80's classic "Kids In America", which appeared on the Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius soundtrack. A year later they released their self-titled album and the single "That's What Girls Do", which also ended up on The Hot Chick soundtrack. The song was not a hit, though the album managed to hit #136 on the Billboard Album chart. The same year they also did a remake of The Little Mermaid's "Kiss The Girl" for the Disneymania series and their track "Little Angel Of Mine" appeared on the soundtrack for Stuart Little 2. But apparently there were disagreements within the group, and the other girls recorded a version of Atomic Kitten's "Whole Again" in 2003 without Angel Faith, prompting her to leave the group. The remaining girls released one last video the same year, for the song "Once Upon Another Dream" which appeared both on Disneymania 2 and the Sleeping Beauty DVD release, and then split up, no doubt foreseeing the imminent end of the teen pop craze. While Carly Lewis and Jade Ryusaki appear to have left the entertainment industry for a more 'normal life', the three other members have carried on singing. Angel Faith went on to release a solo album in 2004 as simply Angel, entitled Believe In Angels...Believe In Me, and released several singles including "Just The Way I Am" and the dance hit "How Can I Lie". Jessica Fried renamed herself Jessi Malay and has released several singles including "Booty Bangs" in 2007, "Cinematic" in 2008, and "Like You" and "Role Play" in 2011. And Erin Tanner renamed herself Nicki Foxx and recorded some independent singles like "Wild & Stupid" in 2008, but has mostly been working as a 'glamour' model since.

Video for Kids In America

Performance of I Know What I Want

Performance of It's Alright

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That's What Girls Do
On The Floor
Skin Deep
Kids In America
It's Alright
I'll Remember You
Here I Am
I Know What I Want
What Are You Waiting For?
No Secrets