The Poppies - Honeybee (1993) MP3/Flac

This is another long ago request that I've had on my want list for some time. But I finally found it at a very good price and can now share it with ya'll! The Poppies were an American duo consisting of Liberty Martin and Clifford Lane. As with so many acts here, there is little info on them on the internet, but one article I managed to find indicated that another core member was producer Roger Greenawalt. He and Lane wanted to put together a mob of people to make up the band for performances and scouted constantly for new members. They essentially wanted the audience to be part of the show. This unique approach attracted the attention of Columbia Records, who signed them to an album deal. The lovely Martin, who is Penthouse creator Bob Guccione's goddaughter, became the main vocalist and focal point for the act. Their sound was very retro sixties with clear influences from acts like the Beatles. Comparable albums on the Isle would be those by The Point or Apollo Smile, sixties pop with a very synthy modern touch. If you dig those albums you should dig this. The act itself was then promoted as the duo of Martin and Lane. They released two singles, "She Is Revolution" and "That's What We'll Do", and also recorded a cover of The Velvet Underground's "All Tomorrow's Parties". While overseas they got some notice, their sound wasn't embraced in North America and the project ended. Martin's whereabouts are unknown, but Lane continues to produce and has had success creating commercial jingles. Greenawalt has also continued producing and writing for other acts, a recent success being the amazing sister duo The Pierces. And furthering his love for the sixties sound, he is the man behind the strangely successful The Beatles Complete On Ukulele series, on which Clifford Lane did a version of "Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey".

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She Is Revolution
That's What We'll Do
Love Trippin'
Hello Saturday
Without Freedom
All Tomorrow's Parties
Friends For Life
La De Da (A Trilogy)
Mother Groove
Love Amplifier
Everyone's Song