Constina - Constina (1989) MP3/Flac

I bought a cassingle of the lovely Constina's "Falling Like Rain" way back in the day, but aside from that song I never thought much about her music. Then she randomly came to my attention the other day and I realized she released an album and that it would likely be right up my alley, so I ordered it. And it is indeed up my alley! There is virtually nothing about Constina online. She was signed to Columbia Records and released two singles, the previously mentioned "Falling Like Rain", and "Are You Lonely Tonight", which only managed to reach #57 on Billboard's R&B chart. The album was produced and largely written by Reggie Lucas, the legendary funk producer who was behind Madonna's debut album as well as the albums by Isle postees Nick Scotti and Elisa Fiorillo. The music is similar to what can be found on those albums - funky, danceable R&B/pop music. Constina's powerful voice is very similar to that of Stephanie Mills, a successful singer who Lucas produced in the early 1980s. No doubt that was his draw to working with Constina. Unfortunately the magic that happened between Lucas and Mills didn't reoccur in his work with Constina, and nothing more has been heard from her since.

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Are You Lonely Tonight

Love And Affection

Falling Like Rain

Heart To Heart


No Angel

Without You

The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall

Can't Turn It Off