Monitor MP3/Flac

Ask anyone who knows me and they can definitely vouch for my shitty luck. Burning 4 computers while writing my dissertation, totalling my car, countless failed relationships, theand about a million other things that only speak to my loser ways. I'd say these things are hilarious except for the fact that they actually happen to me on what seems to be a weekly basis. One of the few moments of good luck I've had in the past decade was pulling this little known gem out of a dollar bin. I liked the cover, had no idea what it was, but seeing the Meat Puppets involvement (really early Puppets at that), I figured a dollar wasn't all that much. Digging deeper, I found a connection to the L.A.F.M.S. and that sorta explains what's here. It's weird like most of the stuff from that bunch, and yet, it is still of a different sort. I guess that doesn't make for much of a discription. Oh well.