Dschinn MP3/Flac

I know things can often get a little too out around here and it can all start to seem like an exercise in esoterica. This post is to remind us all that there is nothing qrong with rock and roll. I know it's fallen out of fashion as of late, and few people seem to just want to play some rock music. Those fuckers who drape themselves in irony have tried to poach legends (ZZ Top, et al.). Despite their passionless attempts to pilfer quility rock and scornfully wear their faux vintage concert tees, I cannot turn my back on simple beauty on the simple beauty of well constructed rock. And that's more or less what you get here, albeit filtered through a very German understanding of the genre. It's also a NWW listed band. Final note, people stop pretending to like things that you don't actually like. No one finds you charming just because you have a perm and wear a Scorpions shirt (of course I love them to death as well).