The Twinkle Brothers - All Is Well MP3/Flac

Twinkle Music LP, 1990

A1) Gone Clear
A2) All Is Well
A3) All Is Well Dub
A4) Don't Question My Religion
A5) What You Think You're Doing
B1) In The Name Of Jah
B2) Brain Washing
B3) Free At Last
B4) Bad Mind
B5) Different Strokes

Vocals: Norman Grant
Bass: Black Steel & Derek Fevrier
Drums: Earl Sacey
Keyboards: Craig Assing & Derek Fevrier
Horns: Young Power Brass Section
Drum Programming: Norman Grant

Produced by: Norman Grant
Recorded at: Tonpress (Warsaw) & Ariwa (London)
Mixed by: Demondo, Mad Professor & Tony
Mixed at: Remaximum