The Twinkle Brothers - Equality & Justice MP3/Flac

Twinkle CD, 1994

1) Equality & Justice
2) Rejoice
3) Lamb To The Slaughter
4) We Nah Go Let Jah Go
5) Blood On Their Hands
6) The Wicked Them A Go Run
7) Lightning & Thunder
8) You're Bound
9) I Will Praise Jah

Bass: Dub Judah
Drums: Norman Grant & Dub Judah
Keyboards: Dub Judah & Norman Grant

Produced by: Norman Grant & Ralston Grant
Recorded at: Dubtech & Remaximum
Mixed by: Dub Judah, Mad Professor & Barry O'Hare
Mixed at: Grove, Ariwa, Dubtech & Dynamic
Engineered by: Dub Judah