Various Artists - Hardest Hits Volume 3 MP3/Flac

Various Artists - Hardest Hits Volume 3

Hardest Hits Volume 3 (Various Artists (Compilation)) [1993]5:40 Story Of Love (Extended Version) Voice Of America (Catalog: SPG 003)
5:56 Swamp Thing The Chameleons UK (Catalog: SPG 003)
5:28 The First Picture Of You [Remix] The Lotus Eaters (Catalog: SPG 003)
5:30 You Move Me (One Good Reason) The Comsat Angels (Catalog: SPG 003)
6:08 Love Is Shining Down On Me Jackie Leven (Catalog: SPG 003)
3:29 Feels Like Heaven Fiction Factory (Catalog: SPG 003)
6:18 Goodbye Yesterday (Extended Version) Nick Heyward (Catalog: SPG 003)
5:47 Heartbeat Like Thunder (Extended Version) Steve Harley (Catalog: SPG 003)
5:53 Dance With Me (Extended Version) Lords Of The New Church (Catalog: SPG 003)
4:44 Tokyo Streets Glamour Cult (Catalog: SPG 003)
4:55 Baby Judy The Hawaiian Pups (Catalog: SPG 003)
8:10 Cccan't You See (Extended Version) Vicious Pink (Catalog: SPG 003)
5:09 New York, New York (Dance Floor Cut) Micro Chip League (Catalog: SPG 003)
4:57 Transdance Night Moves (Catalog: SPG 003)

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