P.I.L - Rockpalast Video MP3/Flac

Greetings listeners.todays post is brought to you by my old pal reggie again and its another great show from the rockpalast archives.its split into 3 parts although having said that the video is only in 2 parts but the first part is split into 2 to make uploading easier.(does that make sense?).actually while we are on the subject,is it true that the largest file size you can upload to mediafire is 200mb?anyhoo once you have d/l the 3 parts and un zipped them or whatever it is that you call it,please watch enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks.

p.s is it also possible to join the 2 unzipped parts to make 1 continuos video and if so how do i do it?answers on a postcard to the usual comment section!