Really rich and spectral guitar explorations that just keeps delving into deeper psychic recesses as they unfurl. Lots of signifiers are drifting past here on this long-forgotten disc, with bits of mid 70's Terje Rypdal and late 70's Alain Markusfeld bobbing through the moire-patterned and sun dappled surfaces in these near-continuous tides of sound though so to are both Manuel Gotsching circa his Private Tapes set and the delicately skewed British duo Woo; the pulse here eventually picking up enough of a head of steam out of the coalescing strands of atmospherics to emerge as a steamrolling and psychically noogie-ing krautrock guitar figure straight out of the Gunter Schickert playbook before receding into ghostlier gestures and disembodied pan-ethnic bric-a-brac.

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