Top tier Italian library sleazy listening here and much like Rino De Filippi's celebrated MPS label library release Reflessi (which this shares some akin to) Santorio's take on that peak moment when disco, funk and fusion's borders dissolved into a puddle of lubricious and life-giving energies contains within it that wonderfully contradictory and questionable sensation that leaves you unsure as to whether you might want to drop a tab to it or feel compelled to visit the concession stand instead (I can almost picture the 70's animations of dancing hot dogs and candy boxes moving in sync to "Classical Disco"). Across this LP's expanse, you'll find snatches of everything from the studio juiced and clavinet-laden symphonic funk of ex-Curved Air keyboardist Francis Monkman's KPM Library discs and David Matthews' Sandworms to the Yugoslavian iteration of the disco/funk/fusion trifecta heard in the work of Clan, Boomerang or September. Expect slobbering acid guitar rising out of Love Boat string swells, episodes of the sorta jauntily dancing flute-y fusion fromage heard on Art Webb albums and even full blown cosmic disco in the mode of Space Art on the sublime "Space Dialogue".

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