I Roy - Crisus Time (Extra Version) MP3/Flac

Virgin CD, 2004

 1) Heart Of A Lion
 2) Casmas Town
 3) Tonight
 4) Wap.N Bop,n
 5) Union Call
 6) London
 7) Rootsman Time
 8) African Tak
 9) Crises Time
10) Equality And Justice
11) Hypocrite Back Out
12) Musical Injection
13) Dont Touch I Man Dreadlocks
14) Satta Amasa Gana(Sette Messgana)
15) African Herbsman
16) Love Your Neighbour
17) Send Us A Little Power O Jah
18) Moving On Strong

Produced by: Bunny Lee, I Roy, Harry Johnson & Dennis Bovell
Mixed by: I Roy & Scientist
Engineered by: Sylvan Morris
Recorded at: Gooseburry (London, UK) & Harry J (Kingston, JA)
Mixed at: Harry J (Kingston, JA)