African System Orchestra - Fine Country,Rogers All Stars 1980 MP3/Flac

The GG has quite a few friends in the Barranquilla area of Northern

Colombia, the're crazy for Nigerian highlife in that outpack, understandable.

A request was received for this particular lp and it just so happened

it was waiting upfront of my Nigerian record pile. I hope you can

use it and create some phat pico champeta sound with this.

Get to it. In case you forgot,

password = globalgroove.

A little update for all new or not frequent visitors;

Some time ago all our files were deleted by Mediafire.

For the time being, no re-uploads take place. New posts

keep appearing and some older posts like our compilations

have working links. Some fine day in the future all links

shall be re-uploaded. Some fine day in the future...


1 Fine country

2 Monique a duala

3 Nobody knows tomorrow

4 Agnes my love