L.A. Rocks (Eyes) – Demos (1990) MP3/Flac

Исполнитель: L.A. Rocks (Eyes)

Альбом: Demos

Жанр: Melodic Hard Rock / AOR

Год: 1990

Формат: CBR 256 kbs

Размер: 153.84 Mb

Страна: USA

This CD - a collection of demos of the early period of LA Rocks (Eyes). In the mid-80sJames Christian, while in the group who sang Eyes (in the wrong in question!) Received an invitation to record in Los sessional Anzhelesskuyu band LA Rocks, which readily agreed to. His band Eyes frontman following the departure of the way, ceased to exist.After recording several demok with LA Rocks, Christian got another, much more interested his offer and joined the group House of Lords. Also, LA Rocks left and Jeff Scott Soto, who is not entirely happy with the band's sound at that time. Some time in LA Rocks was a lull, but with the return of Soto in 1988, the band changed its name to Eyes and began active operations. But that's another story.


01 - For You.

02 - Nobody Said It Was Easy.

03 - I Want You.

04 - In The Darkness Of Your Heart.

05 - For You.

06 - Nobody Said It Was Easy.

07 - Livin' In The City.

08 - Nobody Said It Was Easy.

09 - Livin' On The Edge.

10 - Gone Too Far.

11 - You Better Stop.

12 - Cheyenne.

13 - Wishin' Well.

14 - No Time To Prey.

15 - Intro.

16 - Wired For Love.

17 - Every Single Minute.

18 - Can't Get Enough.

19 - Walkin' On Fire.

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