Troy Cassar-Daley – Home (2012) MP3/Flac

Born in the urban hub that is Sydney, Troy Cassar-Daley has made his mark making country music, music which takes inspiration from Australian rural landscapes and rural hardships, which on this recorded occasion refers to the Queensland floods. The album- recorded in the country music Mecca that is Nashville- displays the usual great guitar playing, bluesy piano vamps and banjo twang that is custom to country music however the real highlight is Troy’s open and honest lyricism. Maintaining the strong story telling tradition of country music, Cassar-Daley also espouses the traditional values of rural Australia about being upstanding and strong through adversity. Indeed the most emotive track on the record, the album’s namesake Home,…

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…refers to standing tall and overcoming the heartache and loss that came with being a victim of the Queensland floods. Yet while Cassar-Daley draws upon the tragedy in this work, he is also an optimist as there’s still has plenty of space on this record for good times and the best that life has to offer celebrating family, relationships, good music and country.

1. Country Is (3:46)

2. Live And Learn (3:19)

3. Good Things In Life (3:40)

4. Play (3:46)

5. Home (4:05)

6. A Simple Songs (2:30)

7. The River Song (3:37)

8. Tall Dark Ringer (3:42)

9. Good Man (4:09)

10. Beautiful Life (3:27)

11. This Country’s In My Soul (3:51)

12. Thinkin’ About Drinkin’ (3:58)

13. Good Times Starting Over (3:33)