Filipe Gomes & the Jigsaw Pieces – Without Melody (2012) MP3/Flac

After the release of 3 EP’s it is time to hear the first full-length album by FG&tJP. Featuring a multitude of musicians and a wide array of instrumentation, this album finds FG&tJP with a truer voice than ever. The songs are lovingly crafted and the lyrical themes deeply intertwined.

This promises to be something really special.

Filipe Gomes and the Jigsaw Pieces is an ever evolving project of engaging, twinkly eyed that has grown up in the small seaside town of Ramsgate, UK. Sometimes the band can just be Filipe surrounded by keyboards, drums (played mainly with feet) and guitars. Other times it can be a 2,3 or 5 piece band. Filipe is also heavily involved in music production and sonic installations.

mp3 320 kbps | 116 MB | UL | DF

1. Without Melody [04:09]

2. Sea Side Town [02:53]

3. Just a Paragraph [04:13]

4. A Fathers Touch [06:17]

5. A Big Need [05:01]

6. My Instant Attraction[03:08]

7. It’s Something [03:37]

8. Ghosts [03:17]