Bob Bannister-Dives and Lazarus:Death Chants, Breakdowns, and Tape Loops MP3/Flac

Dear lord, did Ptolemaic Terrascope ever get it right by including this disk on its top 100 records list. And it's the one that I mention to other psych heads and have never gotten a straight response. The phonies will claim that they actually know what this is, but they don't. You know those types who've heard everything but for some reason only seem to talk about whatever the current trend is. Don't trust them people. But for most of us, this isn't an album that gets much cred. And that means people are really missing out on something special. At its core, the album consists of traditional folk tunes. That's fine as it is and it's nothing to sneer at. Then there's all sorts of interesting dronal textures that surround the tunes. This album definitely proves the point that experimentation can be done with subtlety and taste rather than the heavy handed "hey look at me getting weird" posturing that kills so many albums.