Bluenose B-E.P. MP3/Flac

No need to be jealous anymore internet friends, I've decided to ditch all of my physical friends. At least the ones in Kansas City. Turns out, none of them can actually understand what it means when I find an Eames chair for $25, or talk about recipes, or clothes, or books, or movies, and certainly not music. I suppose it's my fault for surrounding myself with 20 something girls who treat me like a dad or weirdo and/or gay older brother. I'm good for moving their furniture, cooking them dinner, listen to their complains about the stupid 20 something rapist guys they date but that's about all. So I'm done with the lot. Better it's me and my kid brother and sis on the phone than have a bunch of people use me for bullshit and then get mad that I don"t want to jaunt off to some booty grinding club with them (not that they'd be rubbing their booties on me anyways). And this album is a good example of the type of texts I'm talking about (using texts in a liberal sense here). I can play this for those types and what would they care. And some of you might not either. But this is shit I actually get excited about. Haven't we all had enough of dispassionate people? When will enthusiasm and passion be chic? Hate to sound like an old curmudgeon (well, not really) but what happened to people giving a fuck about the things they love?