This second album from One Soul Thrust takes it up a notch with a harder sound. Female vocals, modern and classic rock-influenced tones and insightful lyrics. Their first album "1ST" featured Glenn Hughes dueting with this critically acclaimed singer.

Passion. It’s said that one can’t be truly creative without it. Surprising how many bands fall short when putting that equation together. In the fickle world of music, there is something to be said about a group that doesn’t kow-tow to cookie-cutter trends or cigar-chomping suits looking for the next pop flavour of the month. So if fate chooses to smile the gleaming white grin of prosperity on Canada’s One Soul Thrust then let the justice be done. Their style- modern yet classic rock-influenced- lends itself to success without compromise. From pure rock to soulful blues, it’s all rock and it’s all executed with precision, experience & creativity… but it starts with passion.

One Soul Thrust- 1ST for short- puts their passion where their mouth is. And out of that mouth comes the group’s signature sound via lead vocalist/songwriter, Salem Jones. Put Heart’s Ann Wilson and Queensryche’s Geoff Tate in a blender. Ignore all except the tastiest of screams. Mix. Pour. Now throw on their first opus, “1ST” released in June 2010. Wielding presence and mystique with an understated but confident sexuality, Salem is the full meal deal of rock singers. Add drummer Todd Pretty’s pounding hypno-grooves, guitarist Jag Mollerup’s thoughtfully aggressive chords, bassist Anna Portalupi's sizzling attack and you have the core members of what one US journalist called “one of Canada’s best kept secrets”.

Исполнитель: One Soul Thrust

Альбом: Know One Knows

Страна: Canada

Жанр: Hard Rock

Год: 2012

Формат: MP3 CBR 192 kbps

Размер: 61 МБ


01. We Gotta Change

02. Drivin'

03. I Finally Understand

04. Laughin' All the Way to Heaven

05. No

06. Never Too Late

07. Magic Man

08. Meaning to Life

09. Wanted Man

10. When the Body Falls

11. Symbols


Salem Jones - vocals and guitar

Jag Mollerup - guitar and vocals

Todd Pretty - drums and percussion

Anna Portalupi - bass