Blundetto - Warm my Soul - 2012 MP3/Flac

01. Rocroy (with Akale Horns)
02. Hercules (with Hugh Coltman & Shawn Lee)
03. It’s All About (with Aqeel)
04. Crowded Places (with Akale Horns)
05. Warm My Soul (with Courtney John)
06. I’ll Be Home Later (with Akale Horns)
07. Final Good Bye (with Tommy Guerrero)
08. Treat Me Like That (with Courtney John)
09. Walk Away Now (with Jahdan Blakkamoore)
10. Since You’ve Been Gone
11. Hercules Dub

O disco anterior do Blundetto, Bad Bad Things grudou no ouvido de muita gente.
Warm My Soul não vai ser diferente!

O disco ta foda. Coisa fina.
Cadê a Hindi Zahra?

Abraço a todos.