The Serendipity Singers (1964) MP3/Flac

Here's the really great debut album of the Serendipity Singers - love them! It has their big hit "Crooked Little Man", but all the songs are great! I really like the album cover, too - reminds me of the movie "A Mighty Wind". I sure do miss the folk groups from back in the day (although I was too young to appreciate them them). Are there any groups nowadays that are similar to the Serendipity Singers? If any of you know of any, I would appreciate it if you tell me about them!

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Side 1:
1. Waggoneer Lad
2. Crooked Little Man
3. Sunshine Special
4. Mud
5. Freedom's Star
6. Sailing Away

Side 2:
1. Sing Out
2. Jimmy-O
3. Sinner Man
4. Cloudy, Summer Afternoon
5. Boots and Stetsons
6. Goin' Home