The Indefatigable Stewart Anderson MP3/Flac

Retrospective Fundraiser CD from Stewart Anderson (555 Recordings/Boyracer). Featuring 12 exclusive tracks (some specifically recorded for this comp), 9 never before available digitally, and another 11 solid gold hits. More details and detailed track listing on Milk & Alcohol Records.

"Autism Service Dog for Tallulah

We are raising money to pay for the training and expense of getting an Autism Service Dog for our daughter Tallulah. This service dog will be trained specifically for Tallulah to help assure her personal safety, her emotional development and stability and to provide consistency across different environments in her life. A great many benefits can be derived from the help of a Service Dog in the lives of the developmentally disabled. Please help us get a Service Dog for our Lu. Donations of over $25 will receive an exclusive career spanning CD of various bands Stewart has been involved with over the past two decades as a special thank you. (Cds will be shipped in March)."