The dB\'s - live at Criminal Records, Atlanta 4/16/11 MP3/Flac

2012.  Yet another year I failed to make the trek to SXSW in Austin.  Were I  attending perhaps the single most coveted concert on my wish list would be the original lineup of The dB's, who from what I understand are going to be performing four separate gigs this week (some of which may be invite only).  Chris Stamey, Peter Holsapple, Will Rigby, Gene Holder.  Wow.  And they have a new album coming down the pike for us too!  The closest I'll get to catching any DB's reunion shows will be via bootlegs like this one.  As a precursor to the new platter, Falling Off the Sky, the band put out a new single, "Picture Sleeve," on Record Store Day last year.  Folks that lived in the Atlanta, GA environs got an extra special treat that day when the dB's played an in-store set at Criminal Records.  What I'm presenting is an audience recording that you'd swear this was taken straight from the soundboard, so the audio is impeccable.  I should add that the taper had to leave early and was unable to catch the last two songs of the set ("If & When" and "Amplifier").  Even though some of the classics like "Black and White" and "Neverland" are absent what is here is pretty amazing, and I hope someone can persuade the guys to do a full scale tour closer to the release of Falling Off the Sky.  Enjoy.  BTW, the Save Criminal Records campaign is still active. 

01 - intro
02 - "wake up, that time is gone"
03 - Happenstance
04 - Nothing Is Wrong
05 - "before we were born"
06 - Big Brown Eyes
07 - Ode to an Orange Squeezer
08 - World To Cry
09 - Send Me Something Real
10 - Picture Sleeve
11 - Love Is For Lovers
12 - Excitement