Captain Sensible - Women And Captains First (1982) MP3/Flac

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01 Wot
02 A Nice Cup Of Tea
03 Brenda
04 Yanks With Guns
05 Happy Talk
06 Martha The Mouth
07 Nobody's Sweetheart
08 The Man Who S Gotten Everything
09 Who Is Melody Lee, Sid
10 Gimme A Uniform
11 Croydon

Captain Sensible (aka Ray Burns) was always the biggest joker in the Damned, the brashest boys of the first wave of British punk, and when he launched his solo career in 1982, it seemed to many like a grand prank, with a punch line even the Good Captain never expected - his first album on his own, Women and Captains First, was a genuine hit...


Preview: Captain Sensible - Who Is Melody Lee, Sid: