Leatherface - Cherry Knowle (1989) MP3/Flac

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01 Colorado Joe, Leningrad Vlad
02 Animal Day
03 This Land
04 Ghetto
05 Discipline
06 Postwar Product Of A Fat Mans Wallet
07 Cabbage Case
08 Right Reverand
09 Alright Jack
10 Sublime
11 Smile (You're In A Free And Pleasant Land)
12 Goulash
13 Heaven

1989’s Cherry Knowle was Leatherface’s first LP, and far from an embarrassment. Compared to 95% of other punk rock LPs of the last 10 years, it rates high marks. The band is fairly tight and hard, Frankie Stubbs’ lyrics are an obvious cut above, and as a singer he is already more ferocious than a whole cage full of unfed tigers, as rough and savage as a velociraptor attack...


Preview: Leatherface - Ghetto: