The Residents - Petting Zoo (2002) MP3/Flac

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01 Betty's Body
02 Wolverines
03 Kick A Picnic
04 God's Magic Finger.Road
05 Hanging By His Hair Road
06 Fire Fall
07 How To Get A Head (Edit)
08 The Aging Musician (Edit)
09 The Sour Song
10 Jello Jack (Edit)
11 Harry The Head
12 Safety Is A Cootie Wootie (Edit)
13 Boy In Love
14 Would We Be Alive
15 Moisture
16 Hello Skinny
17 Constantinople
18 God Song
19 Smelly Tongues
20 Icky Flix Theme

Over the course of an artistic career spanning several decades, The Residents have remained a riddle of Sphinx-like proportions; cloaking their lives and music in a haze of willful obscurity, the group's members never identified themselves by name, always appearing in public in disguise (in the old days... tuxedos, top hats and giant eyeball masks) and refusing to grant media interviews. This compilation is a perfect introduction to the twisted world of The Residents...


Preview: The Residents - Moisture: