Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus - Movements MP3/Flac

Dynamic Sounds LP, 1978

A1) Ethiopian Anthem
A2) Sip Your Cup
A3) The Hour
A4) Run Aggression
A5) Numbered Days
B1) Amagideon
B2) Hosana
B3) Where Is You Gold Mine
B4) I Am Ethiopian
B5) Children On The Mountain Top

Vocals: Ras Michael & Alvin Jack Hewitt
Backing Vocals: The Sons Of Negus & Puma Jones
Backing Band: The Sons Of Negus
Lead Guitar: Earl Chinna Smith & Michael Maskil
Rhythm Guitar: Rica Baca
Organ: Dennis Ferron
Funde: I Son & Thomas Martin
Clarinet: S. Chung
Bass Drum: Sydney Wolf
Percussions: Ras Michael

Produced by: Ras Michael
Engineered by: Phillip Jerome & Geoffrey Chung
Recorded at: Dynamic Sounds (Kingston, JA)