Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus - Kibir-Am-Lak (Glory To God) MP3/Flac

Rastafari LP, 1977

A1) New Name
A2) Wicked Men
A3) No Hoppers
A4) Zion Land
B1) If Only They Knew
B2) Babylon
B3) Booma Yeah
B4) Over The Mountain

Vocals: Ras Michael
Backing Band: The Sons Of Negus
Drums: Mikey Boo Richards
Bass: Robbie Shakespeare
Guitar: Clarence Weirs, Sweeny & Earl Chinna Smith
Keyboards: Neville Hinds & Bernard Touter Harvey
Trumpet: David Madden
Saxophone: Glen Da Costa
Funde: Ras Michael, I Marts, Brother T Jack & Sydney Wolf

Produced by: Tommy Cowan
Arranged by: Ras Michael & Tommy Cowan
Engineered by: Jerome Francis & Errol Thompson
Recorded at: Dynamic Sounds & Errol Thompson's Studios