Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus - Rastafari MP3/Flac

Top Ranking/Tuff Gong LP, 1975

Record date: 1972

A1) Mr. Brown
A2) Birds In The Treetop
A3) Truth & Right
A4) In ZIon
B1) None A Jah Jah Children No Cry
B2) Glory Dawn
B3) Give Love
B4) It Is No Secret
B5) Sufferation

Vocals: Ras Michael
Backing Band: The Sons Of Negus
Backing Vocals: Phillipa Street & Dawn Forrester & Joy Lindsay
Drums: Michael Junior Jacob & Santa Davis
Bass: Robbie
Guitar: Chinna & Peter Tosh
Organ & Piano: Robert Lynn
Synthesiser: Geoffrey Chung
Flute: Tommy McCook
Funde: Joshua Henry & Keith Dreadlock Halstead & Icy B
Bass Drum: Michael Junior Jacob

Produced by: Tommy Cowan
Engineered by: Geoffrey Chung & Niel Case
Recorded at: Dynamic Sounds (Kingston, JA)