Franklin Boukaka - Les Merveilles du Passé 1967,african 360.153, 1986 MP3/Flac

Good morning groovers, let's do some Congolese music today.

It's still gonna take some time for me to find the drive and energy

needed to start re-uploading all our lost files. Many of you keep

requesting for older posts of which the links are still dead. For now

please do not ask for re-ups, it's not gonna happen for the time being.

Meanwhile we can listen to all the stuff that's been waiting for a well

deserved spin like this collector, Cercul Jazz, Negro Band and

Negro-Succes with Franklin Boukaka.


1 Cercul Jazz - Pont sur le congo

2 Cercul Jazz - Nitouani ya mbi

3 Negro Band - Journal dipanda

4 Negro Band - Mokili ekoningana

5 Negro-Succes - Kobota elengi kobokolo mpasi

6 Negro-Succes - Tombe mire spa

7 Negro-Succes - Nabosana soseti

8 Negro-Succes - Que tenga hora