MaestricK – Unpuzzle! (2011) MP3/Flac


Hello guys, I'd like to talk to you now about an awesome band from my city. The band is called Maestrick. The have just released their first album Unpuzzle! yesterday. You guys should definitely check them out. It's a conceptual album. I'd share a bit of the story now, but it's quite long. They have scrambled the songs on the album, so the listenners would have to solve the puzzle (story) themselves. I've listened to lots of conceptual albums, from bands like DT, Pink Floyd and Angra, but NONE of the come even close to what they did. The booklet is mindblowing, on one side the begining of the story is written and on the other there is a little "poem" in portuguese, giving the listener some "advices". They have also spreaded some tips on their website and on the booklet about the story, and trust me, you're going to need it. I'm a huge Pink Floyd fan and I'll tell you: The Wall is NOTHING compared to Unpuzzle!. They took the word "concept" to another level.

Now enough with the story, musically talking they are inspired by DT (mainly Sistematic Chaos and Metropolis 2), Queen, Angra and many other bands. The songs in the album range from Prog Metal jewells to light musical-like ballads or even circus inspired music (part of the concept), and of course, like all bands from Brazil, brazillian music. They were also voted 2010's best band in the state of São Paulo by the readers of Whiplash, the most famous Rock/Metal site of the country, without and album. with only a 2 SONG EP, distributed in the DT concert, leaving behind bands like Angra, Shaman and Dr. Sin.

I take guitar lessons at the school they teach and I can say that they are the coolest motherfuckers on the face on the planet. Really down to earth guys, always fun to hang out with and also really humble.

Release Date: 2012

Genre: Progressive Metal

Info: MP3, 320 Kbps, 166 MB

Country: Brazil


Fabio Caldeira - Vocals, Piano

Danilo Augusto - Guitars

Renato Somera - Bass

Heitor Matos - Drums

Maurício Figueiredo - Guitars


01. H.U.C.  6:07'

02. Aquarela  6:57'

03. Pescador  4:45'

04. Sir Kus  1:44'

05. Puzzler  2:05'

06. Disturbia  6:33'

07. Treasures of the World  5:49

08. Radio Active 6:20'

09. Smilesnif  4:35'

10.Yellown of the Ebrium  6:23'

11. Lake of Emotions 21:03'


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