The Black Truth Band - Butternut Part I & Part II MP3/Flac

Mega funky shit right here! Wow, i've had this 45 for years and never even looked it up, but i just found out that this is appreantly one of the rarest and sought after funk 45's out there! haha! Nice! I always dug this and even played this out at one of the 45 sessions one night in Asbury Park but really had no idea until now while trying to look up info on it that this was that rare. Seeing as this is from Jersey and i am from NJ this just fell in my lap and i never thought much about the value because i'm not into records for money. i'm into records for the music, so no, this is not for sale...

This is THE baddest 45 i have ever heard, the grittiest Funk ever put on record, this is in the top 10 of the most sought after, rarest Funk 45's ever made, the last one to sell last year sold for $2350.

Released as a Private press on the BTENT Label, out of Trenton, NJ, USA

The Black Truth Band - Butternut Part I

The Black Truth Band - Butternut Part II